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LEAP_RE: Long-Term Joint European Union – African Union Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy


LEAP-RE is a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) conducted by a Consortium of 83 partners from 33 countries from Europe and Africa who submitted to H2020 LC-SC3-JA-5-2020​The EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on science, technology and innovation (STI) strengthened the mutual commitment to action in renewable energy by adopting the Roadmap for a jointly funded AU-EU research & innovation partnership on climate change and sustainable energy (CCSE).  LEAP-RE is made up by 3 main Pillars. Polimi is involved in Pillar 2 which includes international R&I projects and capacity building activities for fostering renewable energies in Africa. Tiresia research group works in Task 13  labeled SETADISMA – Sustainable Energy Transition and Digitalization of Smart Mini-Grids for Africa. Tiresia researchers will work on the collection and the analysis of local social-economic data to accompany local energy demand analysis. Data will be exploited to inform the definition of guidelines for social business models designed for the delivery of mini-grids in rural communities. ​

Tiresia research group is engaged as well in the definition of Social Impact Assessment models for businesses delivering mini-grids. ​

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