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Tiresia Activity Report 2023

Throughout the year 2023, in line with previous years, the Department of Management, Economics, and Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (DIG) continued its efforts to make a societal impact through the creation and dissemination of knowledge at the intersection of engineering, management, and economics. The department built upon its established mission, highlighting the importance of research excellence, alongside high-quality education and community engagement. Acknowledged as a leader in national research initiatives, DIG pursued (and will pursue in the future) its ambition to attain a prominent position among European academic institutions in multidisciplinary research encompassing industrial engineering, management, and applied economics. To achieve this, the department:

  • Maintained its dedication to excellence in both academic and practical research.
  • Fostered strong international partnerships.
  • Expanded and strengthened its network of collaborations with corporate entities, governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, and other community stakeholders.In addition to its traditional academic research endeavors, DIG actively conducted, over the year 2023, practice-oriented research projects aimed at providing new insights and practical tools conducive to advancements in management and policymaking realms in the following disciplinary areas:
  • Industrial Engineering: This domain covered strategies, methodologies, and techniques relevant to the planning, design, modelling, construction, and operation of industrial facilities, production systems, and infrastructures managing goods and services. It also encompassed efforts related to the maintenance, transformation, and disposal of such systems.
  • Management: Focusing on nurturing management and innovation across various sectors including corporate entities, financial institutions, public administration, and non-profit organizations, this area examined these entities from strategic and organizational perspectives, emphasizing the interaction between strategy, management, and technological utilization.
  • Applied Economics: This area addressed theoretical frameworks and models applied to issues spanning industrial, international, financial, innovation, and entrepreneurial sectors, analyzing diverse subjects such as individuals, corporations, non-profit entities, governmental bodies, industries, and nations.