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The Unlonely Planet: How Ashoka Fellows Accelerate an Everyone a Changemaker World
News - 25th February 2022

How are Ashoka Fellows engaging individuals as changemakers? What strategies do they use to build partnerships that inspire both changemakers and solutions? How are they changing systems to create a world in which everyone can contribute, and therefore, thrive?

Ashoka presents its global study of systems-changing social entrepreneurs. This study presents the 11 strategies Ashoka Fellows use to build a world of changemakers. The study is in collaboration with Tiresia-Politecnico di Milano.

Every three years, Ashoka conducts a study to understand how its Fellows are driving lasting social change. This research represents one of the largest studies of systems-changing social entrepreneurs globally.

Ashoka Fellows provide opportunities for others to contribute and lead, especially young people (89% of respondents). They change public policy (63%) and encourage organizations to replicate their ideas in other geographies (82%). They aim to influence societal mindsets and cultural norms by encouraging people to think differently (82%).

Mario Calderini’s Interview for the presentation of Ashoka’s Unlonely Planet Report