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Our Tiresians were awarded a PhD in Management Engineering
News - 26th May 2022
Tiresia is delighted to share some great news: our tiresians Alice Borrello & Francesco Gerli were awarded their PhD in Management Engineering!

The PhD programme in Management Engineering (DRIG) offers students an advanced education together with the opportunity of carrying out research work in the fields of management, economics and industrial engineering.

The programme ensures that students build up a solid methodological background, allowing them to develop their multidisciplinary knowledge, an open minded approach to research and the ability to address problems in an innovative way, while combining different perspectives and approaches.

The Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering’s commitment to research and its scientific collaborations with other institutions provide students with an ideal environment in which to pursue research in their personal fields of interest within a broad spectrum of different topics.

If you are interested to get more information and support, we invite you to fulfil the enquiry form of our University, specifying the PhD programme of interest.
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