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Giorgia Trasciani

Post-doc Researcher

Giorgia Trasciani is a research fellow at Tiresia. She obtained her PhD in Economics from Aix-Marseille University (France) and University of Naples, L'Orientale (Italy). Her research focuses on hybrid organizations, Third Sector Organizations, Public Private Partnerships, multi-level governance. Giorgia also worked as Migration Expert, for the UN agency UN-HABITAT, and external expert for ICMPD.​

Research topics:

  • hybridity
  • PPPs
  • TSOs
  • mixed-methods research



  • Trasciani, G., Petrella, F., (2021) De l’« urgence nord-africaine » à la ville-refuge : la gouvernance locale des migrations à Naples. Migrations société, 2021, « Villes et territoires accueillants » en France et ailleurs, 2021/3 (N° 185), pp.171 – 185 
  • Gaeta, G.L., Ghinna, S., Silvestri, F, Trasciani, G. (2020), ”Exploring networking of third sector organizations. A case study based on the Quartieri Spagnoli neighbourhood in Naples (Italy)”, Voluntas, International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, ISSN 0957-8765
  • Borrelli L. and Trasciani G. (2019), “I like to work with people” Everyday stories and reflections from street- level workers in the migration regime on what motivates their tasks”. Politiche Sociali, 3/2019, pp. 407-426, DOI: 10.7389/95409
  • Esposito G., Gaeta, G., L., Trasciani, G., (2017) “Administrative Change in the EU: A Cross- Country Empirical Study on the Contextual Determinants of NPM Reform Rhetoric”. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Vol. 88, Issue 3, pp. 323-344.
  • Nelson T., Huybrecht B., O’Shea N., Nelson D., Dufays F., Trasciani G.,“ (2016) Emerging identity formation and the co-operative: Theory building in relation to alternative organizational forms”. Entrepreneurship and Regional DevelopmentVol 28 Issue 3-4, pp 286-309.