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Enrico Bellazzecca

Researcher and Assistant Professor

Enrico Bellazzecca is a research fellow at Tiresia. He obtained his PhD from Glasgow Caledonian University (Yunus Centre). His research focuses on evaluating the impacts of hybrid forms of organizing such as public private partnerships, social enterprises and financial inclusion initiatives. Enrico has interests in realist evaluation and intensive mixed-methods research including ethnography, quantitative network analysis, experimental research and modelling of longitudinal data.​

Research topics:

  • hybridity
  • evaluation
  • impact
  • mixed-methods research



  •  Bellazzecca, E., Teasdale, S., Biosca, O. and Skelton D.A., The health impacts of place-based creative programmes on older adults’ health: A critical realist review, Health & Place, Volume 76, 2022,
  • Teasdale, S., Bellazzecca, E., de Bruin, A., & Roy, M. J. (2022). The (R)evolution of the Social Entrepreneurship Concept: A Critical Historical Review. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.
  • Bellazzecca, E., & Biosca, O. Intended and unintended effects of specialized regulation on microfinance institutions’ double-bottom line management. Ann Public Coop Econ. 2021; 1– 23.
  • Biosca, O., McHugh, N., Bellazzecca, E., White, G., Mojarrieta, M., Bala, A., Baker, R. and Donaldson, C. (2020) FinWell London: managing finances and multiple long-term health conditions. Full research report. London: Guys’ and St. Thomas’ Charity.
  • McHugh, N., Biosca, O., Bellazzecca, E., White, G., Mojarrieta, M., Bala, A., Baker, R. and Donaldson, C. (2020). New ways to understand the effects of COVID-19: introducing ‘financial diaries’ methodology. University of Birmingham. Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM).
  • Bellazzecca, E. and Biosca, O. (2017) Can microfinance regulation encourage mission drift? The Italian case. European Microfinance Network (EMN) – Research Paper Award.