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Fondazione Cariplo | ICC for InnovaMusei – Get It!​
  • Kind of project

    Research Projects

  • Research areas

    Impact Measurement & Management 

  • Year

    2020 / 2022


The innovation project aimed to encourage innovation and technology transfer in the cultural field, supporting institutions in rethinking their activities and functioning by establishing collaborations with companies active in the cultural and creative sector. ​
The central part of the project was a call for innovators directed to companies and startups active in the cultural and creative sector. These companies could access an entrepreneurial incubation program, carried out by Cariplo Factory, with the support of other realities and sector experts in the cultural, museum, impact, and business sectors. The incubation program aimed to provide tools and methods to strengthen the skills of the ICC’s team members and validate and develop a service-product offer to respond efficiently and effectively to the museums’ needs. After the incubation, cultural and creative companies were invited to take part in the Match-Making Day. During that day, they had the opportunity to present their product-service to potential partners represented by the participating Lombard museums to generate mutual development opportunities. The projects jointly developed were supported by a tender launched by the Lombardy Region to implement pilot projects. ​
TIRESIA had a double role in the project: providing capacity building sessions on impact measurement and social business modeling; measuring the overall impact generated by the project Innovamusei. ​
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