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Azimut | Fondo Infrastrutture per la Crescita
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The investment fund “Fondo Infrastrutture per la Crescita – ESG” focuses on ESG investments in the social infrastructure field, such as senior housing, student accommodation, healthcare, school and university facilities, circular economy and technological and environmental transition. TIRESIA’s impact finance team, cooperating with another advisor, follows the Fund’s investment process. The assessment starts from the structuring phase of the pipeline, supporting the screening of investment opportunities by assessing the ESG impact potential and related ESG risks of each possible deal. TIRESIA also engages with the managers of the IPC Fund and with potential infrastructure managers. To systematise the evaluation process of each investment proposal, TIRESIA’s team has developed a tool, the ESG Checklist, which allows all investments to be evaluated based on internationally recognised frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Once the compatibility of the deals with the Fund’s investment strategy and objectives has been verified, TIRESIA’s team is responsible for defining, implementing, and validating the impact measurement and evaluation process, which includes implementing and assessing specific KPIs for each investment operation.

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