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Claudio Di Benedetto

Post-doc Researcher

Claudio Di Benedetto (PhD) is a researcher at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering of Polytechnic of Milan. His research interest focuses on social business and CSR, specifically on the role of large companies in the development of social business as an advanced form of corporate social responsibility. He has also been working, as project engineer, with “Engineering without Borders – Milan” an association, specialized in social and sustainable development with special focus on the promotion of social entrepreneurship and income generating activity in developing country. He carries out teaching activities in the Business in Transformation Lab and Economics and Business Organization courses. 

Research topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Business, Social Enterprise, Base of the Economic Pyramid.


Publication 1:

  • Title “Microcredit System for Building Rehabilitation and Strengthening Arts and Crafts” (book chapter “Sustainable Social, Economic and Environmental Revitalization in Multan City: A Multidisciplinary Italian–Pakistani Project” – Springer)
  • Authors: Irenen Bengo, Claudio Di Benedetto
  • Short Abstract: Poverty is widely considered as the major problem in the socioeconomic development of Pakistan. The main objective is the alleviation of poverty through the start-up of a microcredit system in the Walled City of Multan for the promotion of income-generating activities. A theoretical and practical research methodology is applied to investigate the most suitable microcredit model for the local context. The study deepens the Islamic financial principles and related lending methodologies for tailoring the proposal on the cultural, social, and economic characteristics of the potential demand. The study suggests two different models to guarantee not limited access to loans in the context of Multan.

Publication 2:

  • Title: «The Contribution of Civil Society” (book chapter of Renewable Energy for Unleashing Sustainable Development – Springer)
  • Authors: Lorenzo Mattarolo, Claudio Di Benedetto
  • Short Abstract: Ranging from single individual to institution and groups, civil society encompasses all structures that have the goal of advancing a common purpose through ideas, actions, and demands on governments. Civil society also includes non-governmental organizations (NGOs). NGOs have been involved in the UN since its inception and their rate of involvement has grown exponentially since then. The role of civil society in promoting access to renewable enrgy, in particular NGOs, is the main focus of this chapter and discusses the role of NGOs in supporting sustainable and responsible development and contributing to policy and decision making.